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  • Free Delivery on all orders across India

  • Free Delivery on all orders across India.

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Our story

At Zest Mélange we fashionize feelings with nature’s purity.

We make the finest quality fashion products in India, at par with European quality for the premium quality loving Indians.

We source world’s best natural material, provide excellent craftsmanship and create International trends
with a Responsible fashion line of Earth friendly material.

Quality which is
driven from Nature’s
Purity is Priceless

The origin of Zest Mélange.

This business idea of Zest Mélange has been created by Dhruv Kakadia, a perfection loving young entrepreneur, who desires to make finest quality fashion products in India, for those who never settle for lower quality for lower price, actually for those who won’t hesitate in paying a good price for high quality fashion of natural material, great craftsmanship and International designs.

Zest Mélange draws its origin from PATDIAM Group, one of India’s finest diamond Jewelry manufacturers & exporters.

Fashionizing loves nature and magnifies natural goodness

We created Zest Mélange, to cater to the expectations of premium quality loving fashionable consumers. A research showed that premium quality, which we expect in a fashion line, is mostly found in premium European fashion brands. This quality is maintained with the use of finest quality material passed through stringent quality procedures. With these findings, the idea of Zest Mélange was created to manufacture India fit designs in India with finest natural material, excellent craftsmanship and the assurance of strict implementation of European quality procedures.

Zest Mélange curates nature’s treasures with
piece by piece quality assurance

Brand Philosophy

Fashion sets trends and evolves with time – the brand logo imbibes the philosophy of evolution, the pattern of continuity represented in geometric expressions.

The three triangles of upward and downward trajectory show the possibility to move in all the directions, not just to grow but to adapt to different situations.

Pinnacle preserves the essence of material pride which is the commitment of Zest Mélange for finest quality and excellent craftsmanship. The geometric boundaries firmly establish solid position and disciplined approach of fashionizing excellence.

The illusionary appearance of the letters Z & M in the symbol endorses brand’s creative appetite, innovativeness and the magic of infinite possibilities.

Zest Mélange is the enthusiasm of the team to collect, curate and present the best of the
world with responsibility towards the planet and her eco-system.

Dhruv Kakadia

Everyone says that time changes
everything but we say, the fashion
we do changes everything…

Fashion contributes in designing the quality of life but the quality we choose defines our fashion sense.

Fashion and attraction have a direct connection with material quality and craftsmanship applied in designs. When we say quality, we specifically mean genuine, natural and pure, because we believe that no one can create better than the nature. The quality we give to ourselves shows our sense of differentiation for good, better & best – it is this sense which lets us feel great and further emphasizes over the fact that how valuable the quality is.
Premium quality fashion styled with good accessories and prepared with responsibility seeks attention, such admirable personalities are branded as fashionized personalities. ZM fashionizing keeps people calm, composed and confident during easy, not so easy and even the toughest moments of life.
Fashion products designed with nature’s finest material allows consumers to preserve their best feelings. This phenomenon is unique and aptly defined as fashionizing by Zest Mélange.
Not just creative but also a perfectionist, Dhruv is passionate about innovative ideas. He is blessed with the acumen of transforming knowledge into workable ideas . Since his early age, he has been an innovator and an ardent admirer of excellence, for which he travelled around the world and collected samples of finest quality for premium quality loving Indians.
His penchant for artistic excellence has driven him to create this fashion business, where he curates the best of the world for the finest in India. His idea is that no one from India should travel to overseas to catch hold of high fashion of European quality. His passion to preserve the nature while creating International fashion line has been duly supported by another young business colleague, Keval Navadiya.

“Being Responsible is in vogue but promotion of Responsible behavior is possible when a Earth-friendly fashion line is made available to people”

Keval Navadiya

Keval says, the finest natural fibers, natural (mined) diamonds and genuine leather would give Zest Mélange a unique and smart edge for the consumers who have sincere concern about our planet and her fragile eco-system.

Keval is a man of minimum words and maximum performance, who is an exquisite planner and a dynamic achiever. He brings with him the knowledge of Marketing and the experience of handling manufacturing operations. Not just operations but Keval is a powerful relationship builder and a high octane sales achiever.

Keval specializes in Global Marketing with 10 year strong experience in consumer marketing, he brings objective approach and the drive to chase targets. His knowledge and experience gives powerful edge to jewelry division of Zest Mélange.

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