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Real Diamond Mens Princess Diamond Ring - Yellow Gold
DESIGN Checkered yellow metal ring decorated with sparkling diamond in stylish design of masculine personality. DETAILS GOLD DETAILS Karat - 18 KT Colour - Yellow Gold Gold Wt. - 6.10 gms MEASUREMENT Width - 8.10 mm Length - 4.75 mm...
₹. 53,190.00
Real Diamond Mens Ring - Yellow / White Gold
DESIGN Designed for fashion conscious men, who care for class and status- wear it to feel great. DETAILS GOLD DETAILS Karat - 18 KT Colour - Yellow / White Gold Gold Wt. - 6.15 gms MEASUREMENT Width - 9.54 mm...
₹. 71,720.00
Real Diamond Mens Band Ring - Yellow Gold
DESIGN Mainly empowering style with diamond band, a certain piece of elegance to boost your style quotient. DETAILS GOLD DETAILS Karat - 18 KT Colour - Yellow Gold Gold Wt. - 5.26 gms MEASUREMENT Width - 7.95 mm Length -...
₹. 41,630.00
Real Diamond Mens Two Tone Ring - Rose Gold
DESIGN Bold and stylish masculine style designed in dual tone of yellow glitter and white sparkling tone. Express loud richness in this finger ring. DETAILS GOLD DETAILS Karat - 18 KT Colour - Rose Gold Gold Wt. - 6.72 gms...
₹. 46,872.00
Real Diamond Mens Princess Diamond Ring - Yellow Gold
DESIGN Fashionable, wavy design in glittering golden tone topped with sparkling diamonds is like gently mainly statement. DETAILS GOLD DETAILS Karat - 18 KT Colour - Yellow Gold Gold Wt. - 6.77 gms MEASUREMENT Width - 7.36 mm Length -...
₹. 57,690.00
Real Diamond Mens Two Tone Cluster Ring - Yellow / White Gold
DESIGN Dual tone ring is like hot and cold feelings put together, enhancing mainly personality of gentle feel. DETAILS GOLD DETAILS Karat - 18 KT Colour - Yellow / White Gold Gold Wt. - 7.09 gms MEASUREMENT Width - 10.70...
₹. 63,800.00

Daily Wear Rings For Men That Will Add A Touch Of Sparkle To Your Every Day Life

Diamonds are the most loved possession of a woman – is this true! Most of us would say yes! If you wish to gift something to women, diamonds would be the most favoured material gifts to women of emotional value.

The perception that women are in love with diamonds, can’t be contested, however, in the changing world now Men too don’t shy from expressing their love for diamonds and diamond jewellery. In the new scenario, the stunning jewellery pieces are being designed for men and not just this, but is also being gifted to men by the new age women who want to assert their emotional expression and make them feel special.

At Zest Mélange, we have understood modern men and their idea of wearing diamonds. A diamond is the epitome of strength as they go through immense pressure to get the luster they are known for. They radiate power and unmatchable persistence as they are known as the hardest substance on the planet. If you see it that way, they are rock solid possession with the promise to stay forever as a women wishes for the men to be in their lives. The kind of strength physical, emotional, moral and spiritual that every father, brother, friend, and partner displays to make a woman’s life more beautiful deserves to be celebrated by nature’s finest diamonds.

If you too are a woman who is looking for ways to surprise your man and shower them with the love, attention, and care they deserve, you are in the perfect place. Here is a chance to show them all the love and appreciation you have for them for all the never-ending efforts put in by them. From the display of umpteen collections of real diamond men’s rings here at Zest Mélange, you can browse and select the one that best matches his personality. What are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in.

Flawless Diamonds From The Treasure Of Nature For The Flawless You!

Be it a gift that you are buying for your beloved or a present that you are getting for yourself by engaging in online shopping for men, what better than the natural luster, sparkle, and dazzle of real diamonds? Diamonds are hands-down nature’s best creation that you can use in impeccable rings and wear a piece of jewel that will be adorned by everyone and everything around you. The love for natural diamonds is universal and we totally understand why. The cuts, clarity, colour, shape and every element of a diamond procured from the lap of nature have an unmistakable charm that is hard to find elsewhere.

When you buy men’s ring online studded with real diamonds, it is not just a piece of accessories that one can keep in their wardrobe and put it on only with outfits that match with it. They are those eternal jewels that will always have a special place in your heart and become your forever jewellery. A ring that you know will stay on your finger forever needs to be flawless and a real reflection of your personality.

Real Diamond Men’s Ring That Displays The Right Blend Of Style And Purity

As artistic designers, we feel that jewels that are going to be with you forever should not just look good on you but also be a reflection of your personality. It is a popular belief that the kind of clothes you wear and the jewellery you style your look with say a lot about you. They let the world know of your story without having uttered a word. If you are a lover of timeless classics, you might just fall in love with the real diamond men’s princess diamond ring. A man who has a strong, bold and expressive personality will look great with the ravishing real diamond men’s two tone ring. If you are buying rings for men that have always been a leader, a person who naturally has an aura of authority around them, the real diamond men's two tone cluster ring would be the perfect match and the list goes on.

Nature’s Best Delivered Right To Your Doorstep

Zest Mélange is a brand that has climbed the zenith of success only through its impeccable art, artistic precision, great workmanship and the vision responsibly carved for a better tomorrow. We love to care for you, therefore being transparent about every element and details of our natural diamond quality used to design men's ring has been clearly mentioned. You would know the purity and colour of gold, precise measurements of the ring with the clarity aspect and weight of the diamond from the site display easily, so when you buy rings for men online you know where you are investing your hard-earned money.

Every diamond ring for men that you see at Zest Mélange is carefully curated by some of the best artisans in the country. To cherish the men of India with nature’s finest produce, we are using the natural diamonds of the SI-IJ clarity and incorporating them into 18-carat gold rings in a seamless and invisible manner. Every time you look at this ring, you should know that you are wearing a work of art that comes second to none.

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