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Elevate your style with nature’s vibrancy

Elevate your style with nature’s vibrancy

Nature has an abundance of colours – a burst of vibrancy in everything around us –  and we humans love to take inspiration from its perfect palette. 

 Whenever it’s time to dress for an occasion of great significance, you might often find yourself subconsciously picking your favourite colour from your wardrobe. Colours play an important role in invoking very specific feelings, moods, and you’re more likely to pick the colours that associate with your mood for the day without even realising it, be it a special date, a job interview, celebratory party, etc.

 What you wear can greatly influence not only other people’s, but your own mood too. Adding different hues to your wardrobe can make you look and feel more vibrant and pleasant, especially if those colours are derived from nature’s purity.

 Therefore, to prepare for every chance you get to dress up in the future, here’s what you need to know about the personality traits associated with your favourite colour and how to use vivid as well as pastel hues inspired by nature to compliment your personality and ensure you leave a lasting impression.


This colour covers over 71% of the Earth’s surface; no wonder it’s dubbed as ‘the blue planet.’ Blue is a contradictory colour – the sea is associated with stillness of tranquillity but also has unforgiving waves that no one can tame. 

 When you want to convey calmness, think no further than baby blue to represent a calming and approachable persona, or wear a shade of midnight when it comes to conveying deeper and stronger emotions.

 Blue Classic Shirt 

 Unique Temptation Of Wrap Around Dress 


A rare colour, signifying royalty, luxury and prosperity, purple is the rarest colour in nature and is mostly common in plants. 

 When it comes to establishing your individuality and mystery, purple is the way to go.

 Cut Way Collar Shirt With Contrast Piping Detail


Black symbolises power, elegance and strong will. It is a wondrous colour in nature, found in several species of birds of paradise that quite literally absorbs most of the light, making it one of the deepest shades of black. 

 If black’s your favourite, wear it with pride and be deemed as a beacon of elegance with a headstrong attitude. 

 Hypnotic Dark Effect Of Halter Neck Top With Narrow Pants


Contrasting the darkest colour is the lightest colour that doesn’t absorb any light. As white has no hue, it is considered to represent purity, innocence, and freshness. 

 Wearing white helps you appear more perceptible and open to opportunities.

 White Shirt With Blue Contrast Detail

 Gather Detail Shirt With Mutton-O-Leg Sleeve Detail


Grey is symbolised as the balance between black and white – from huskies to rocky shores, it is a blend of two opposites. 

 Wear grey when you’re not sure about the vibe of the occasion but still want to make a good impression without standing out or blending in too much.

 Overlapped Front Dress  


Red is a tricky one as it has extreme and contrasting emotions of passion, desire, and love versus war, aggression, and danger attached to its symbolism. Red is for roses and strawberries but it is also the colour of hot lava and blood. 

 Red is an ambitious colour, making it perfect for dates and when you want all eyes on you. 

 Magna Short Dress Wit Deep V Neck At The Back  


The first colour that pops up when someone says ‘forest’ is the same green that also represents safety, good luck and fertility. 

 Choose green to make yourself appear more grounded, in touch with nature and safe as a person.  

 Soothing Impulse Jumpsuit 

 Cut Way Collar Shirt With Contrast Piping Detail 


Brown is an earthy hue that represents an organic and natural existence as well as simplicity. Our earth is as brown as it gets, making the colour a comforting one. 

 Wearing brown can often make you feel closer to nature and give a sense of comfort in the simplicity of things.

 Chino With Diagonal Back Dart Detailing 


Yellow represents enthusiasm and liveliness. From sunflowers to the sun itself, it represents a spark full of energy. 

 Dress up in yellow when you want to be the life of the party and display your fun-loving personality. 

 Winsome Spaghetti Dress 

 Box Pleated Wrap-around Skirt


A wonderful blend of the fierceness of red with the joyful tones of yellow, orange is a celebration of vibrancy. In nature, this colour is often seen in flowers, birds and the gorgeous sunrise-hued sky. 

 Wearing orange shows you are energetic with an enthusiastic and excited outlook towards life. 

 Balloon Sleeve Shirt 

 Tropical Essence Jumpsuit


As a colour, camel is always chosen when you want to go easy on the eyes and represent cosiness. 

 While it can represent the relaxing sand, when it comes to fashion, it signifies good taste and is often seen in luxury coats and high-fashion statement pieces.

 Classic Chinos  

 Paneled Chinos


Vivid, loud and bold yet subtle, comforting and attractive, pink is a representation of joy, kindness and pleasantness. We see a myriad of pink shades in everything around us – from lotus blooms to periwinkles, pink is a commonly seen colour in nature.

 You can choose to don a soft pink when you wish to be perceived as being kind, friendly and dependable or go for a pop of colour with a fuschia or a magenta when you want to be the centre of attention and showcase your bold personality. 

 Cross Shoulder Shirt

 Classic Shirt

 Nature is a blend of all its non-verbal emotions expressed out loud via colours. To see the beauty and replicate it in our everyday clothing is what makes humans connect with it at an even deeper level.

 Your favourite colour can evoke strong emotions in you and wearing it can enhance your mood drastically. As long as you know when to rock the roof off of it and when to blend in by sticking to neutral shades, you can stand out and present your individuality with confidence and power.

 When it comes to dressing up for a specific event, occasion or simply to impress someone, taking colour psychology into consideration and adding a touch of nature can help you influence the way someone perceives you subconsciously and leave a strong mark.

 Life is better in colour. So, let your favourite colour reflect your personality and dabble in other hues when you need to present a versatile persona fit for the occasion. 

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