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Cut & Sew Detailed Fitted Shirt With Mock Pocket Detail - Blue
DESIGN Pride - Achiever's pride can be noticed in their expression- achievements are gained through organized processes, like this formal shirt of fitting design designed with mock pockets in stretchable cotton fabric. Feel the pride. DETAILS Color - Blue Material...
₹. 3,450.00
Spruce Sleeveless Shirt - Grey
DESIGN Spruce Sleeveless Shirt: Spruce up your personality in a curt and striking manner in Spruce Box Fit Sleeveless shirt, designed in feminine silhouette and masculine feel of Egyptian Giza Cotton fabric. Crafted for delightful feelings, this sleeveless shirt features in-cut shoulder,...
₹. 4,100.00
Convivial Flared Sleeve Shirt - Black
DESIGN Convivial Flared Sleeve Shirt: You have a flare of giving meaningful company to others while enjoying it too, so make this trait visible in Convivial Flared Sleeve Shirt, designed with feminine Shoulder princess cut and tiny collar to enhance your business...
₹. 3,900.00
Endurance Retro Collar Shirt - Blue
DESIGN Endurance Retro Collar Shirt: Your endurance to withstand pressures at life n’ work is commendable, why not flaunt it in responsibly fashionized Endurance Retro Collar Classic Shirt. Designed with extended point collar, small buttons on front placket and big buttons on...
₹. 4,200.00
Gregarious Flared Sleeve Shirt - Peach
DESIGN Gregarious Flared Sleeve Shirt:You are outgoing! reflect this versatile attitude in Gregarious Flared Sleeves Shirt, designed with tiny collar in feminine shoulder princess cut and flared sleeves. Carrying nature’s vibrance and breathable comfort of viscose rayon fabric, this workwear shirt comes with...
₹. 3,900.00
Draped Warp-Around Front Shirt With Cold Shoulder - Peach
DESIGN Reveal - Feel the fall and the touch of holding you right. Its a wrap-around design with bold feminine expression - draped and revealed. DETAILS Color - Peach Material - Viscose Rayon Crepe Composition - 55% VISCOSE 45% Rayon...
₹. 3,000.00
Formal Shirt With Yoke Detail (Black) - Black
DESIGN Impression - Formal attire and classic design for lasting impressions. Empowering design to pull the deals in your favour. A design with no extras but exact enough for style and comfort. Fit for special business meetings and a prolonged...
₹. 2,750.00
Pleated Frill Collar A Line Shirt - Green
DESIGN Slim-Bell - Simple details, smart cuts and amazing fall, created in this body fitting yet bell like design. Elegance induced frilled colors, front buttons and sleeveless look gives formal yet sporty look. DETAILS Color - Green Material - Viscose...
₹. 2,750.00
Stand Collar Shirt with Flared Sleeve - Blue
DESIGN Drizzle -  Fallen like a drizzle all over, no tieing and no gripping feel - flows freely on your body with flared sleeves, front buttons and simple flat neck. Experience the surroundings  and feel free to show, who you are  DETAILS...
₹. 3,750.00
Flared Sleeve Shirt With Contrast Button Detailing - Yellow
DESIGN Game - Look fashionable and be a game for everything you wish to achieve. Enjoy the playfulness created with flared sleeves and contrast buttons. Stay formal yet enjoy the freedom of extra comfort. DETAILS Color - Yellow Material -...
₹. 3,000.00
Cut & Sew Detailed Fitted Shirt With Mock Pocket Detail (White) - White
DESIGN Tidy Freedom - Formal look is a boon for serious business- so how you can be tidy and free altogether? Try this body fitting shirt with mock pockets and express to the point. DETAILS Color - White Material -...
₹. 3,450.00
Formal shirt with Yoke Detail (White) - White
DESIGN Bliss - Blissfulness comes from looks created in this formal  attire of classic design. Solid empowerment designed to turn the time in  your favour. A design with no extras but specifics of style and comfort, especially for special business...
₹. 2,750.00
Reverence Classic Princess Seam Shirt - Pink
DESIGN Arioso: Grasp the sense of commanding honor in Reverence Classic Princess Seam Shirt, designed to enhance your body couture and illuminate your workwear in a fit style to invoke an androgynous mix of feminine silhouette and masculine matt lustrous fabric. Crafted in...
₹. 5,200.00
Gather Detail Shirt With Mutton-O-Leg Sleeve Detail - White
DESIGN Light Mist- Nothing but something, this fabric makes you feel like mist falling to touch you softly. Design silently merges in seam to look like nature's art. Body enjoys the touch of fabric. DETAILS Color - White Material -...
₹. 3,500.00
Formal Shirt With Yoke Detail (Beige) - Beige
DESIGN Desire - Formal looks disciplined and classic draws its origin from set patterns. The magic of looks and feel has been created to ignite desire in those who want to dress smart yet feel comfortable in style. This shirt...
₹. 2,750.00
Stand Collar Shirt With Flared Sleeve - Green
DESIGN Freedom - Ultimate freedom from tieing and gripping - free flowy design with flared sleeves, front buttons and simple flat neck. Feel free to show, who you are and bring out the real you. DETAILS Color - Green Material...
₹. 3,750.00
Balloon Sleeve Shirt - Grey
DESIGN Feather Collection - Feather like soft body touch, silky feel and piped look creates outstanding fashion experience. This a smart working look created in multiple colors to express vibrancy of personalities. DETAILS Color - Grey Material - Silk Composition...
₹. 5,250.00
Stripe piping detail shirt - White
DESIGN Androfem -Manly but feminized design for formal looks and meaningful expression. Comfort has been crafted and preserved in cotton fabric.  Enjoy the fall and keep achieving. DETAILS Color - White Material - Cotton Composition - 100% Cotton Wash Care...
₹. 3,500.00
Draped Front Shirt
₹. 4,500.00
Draped Front Shirt - Black
DESIGN Knotty Comfort - Knotted and draped front buttoned shirt to allow you to look tidy, stylish and creative without compromising on easiness. The lusturous stripped fabric and silky affect used for added richness. DETAILS Color - Black Material -...
₹. 4,500.00
Formal shirt with Yoke Detail (Grey) - Grey
DESIGN Pleasure - Pleasure in looks and formal  attire, designed to  empower you to turn any deal in your favour. This design has no extras but specific focus on style and  comfort, especially befitting for special business meetings and a prolonged...
₹. 2,750.00
Endurance Retro Collar Shirt - White
DESIGN Endurance Retro Collar Shirt: Your endurance to withstand pressures at work is commendable, why not flaunt it in Endurance Retro Collar Classic Shirt, designed with extended point collar, a variation of small buttons on front placket and big buttons on cuffs and...
₹. 4,200.00
Propitious Reglan Sleeve Stripe Shirt - Beige
DESIGN Propitious Reglan Sleeve Strip Shirt: Look aspirational and inspire your team with versatile business formal look, designed in Box Fit Propitious Stripe shirt. Crafted with raglan sleeves and earth friendly linen fabric, this shirt reflects woven strip pattern which can be...
₹. 4,750.00
Succinct Striped Linen Shirt - Blue
DESIGN Succinct Striped Linen Shirt: Your precision will leave your mark stylishly in Succinct Striped Linen Shirt designed in box fit style and raglan sleeves. Feel the vibrance of nature in woven strip pattern linen fabric, crafted for sheer delight and a...
₹. 4,750.00
Cogent Classic Princess Seam Shirt - Blue
DESIGN Arioso: Empowerment outshines with persuasive attitude, drive your point conclusively in Cogent Classic Shirt designed to reflect your persuasive aggression in an androgynous mix, where feminized silhouette is complemented with crisp matt lustrous cotton fabric and princess seam has been used to...
₹. 5,200.00


Ever since shirts became an integral part of women’s fashion, having a suitable shirt option for formal, semi-formal, casual and party needs is considered to be an essential in every woman’s wardrobe.

Brands have been known to put their unique spin to this rather important category of women’s clothing, with some preferring to cater to people looking for plain, sombre shirts that don’t deviate from the classics, while others bending the rules with every collection and making shirts that help you stand out.

When it comes to personal style, women often look for shirts that match their aesthetics. Office shirts are usually all you can find whenever you look up ‘shirts for women’. However, we know that women strive for something unique for everyday settings and opt to stray away from generic designs that don’t stand out but still want to maintain the essence of classic styles like full sleeve shirts or western shirts.

When it comes to formal settings, women strive for balance and look for options that are the perfect blend of style that feels personal and doesn’t interfere with their work. However, with regards to semi-formal and casual looks, women prefer a chic twist to the classics.

Zest Mélange has designed shirts for women that are versatile enough to be the perfect option when it comes to adding this personalised touch to your everyday fashion.

Our collection of women’s shirts isn’t just for your best fit on busy days, but also an ideal choice for outdoor lunch meetings and official business events. Choosing the right shirts for formal, semi-formal and casual occasions has never been this effortless.

As you can never go wrong with the basics, we have the classic white shirt for women in different styles. A white shirt is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe – when all else fails, you’ve always got the trusted white shirt to go with. Be it trousers, skirts or even the other safety net in clothing, jeans, a white shirt compliments any bottom wear with ease.

With white, and of course black, being the ultimate choices when it comes to safe yet elegant shirts, they have been the obvious picks due to the ease with which they pair well with different kinds of bottom wear.

And if you wish to break away from the norms and make bold fashion statements, we have different styles of shirts that are unique yet cross the bar into chic, effortlessly. Our designs have been crafted while taking the modern woman’s needs into consideration and delivering on quality shirts that check the box for comfort, style, fit and being environmentally conscious.

From plain, straight stitch with mock pockets to A-line, draped front and stripe piping shirts, Zest Mélange is your fashion destination when you want to dabble in the best of formal to casual shirts.

With collars like stand, pleated frill, wrap-around front, and sleeves like flared, cold-shoulder, trim ruffle cuffs, balloon, gathered mutton-o-leg style, you can choose from a variety of options when it comes to picking a shirt for occasions that are almost casual but not quite.

Zest Mélange is a premium clothing brand and we want our quality to reflect that aspect. We only pick the finest of earth-friendly fabrics to make our shirts for women, dyed in skin- friendly dyes that do not negatively impact the environment, making them the perfect option for the fashionably responsible woman.

The purity of materials that stitch the fabrics used to make our clothes are breathable, giving you the freedom to walk, move and work with complete comfort. Our craftsmen have put in a lot of thought behind each shirt, using ergonomic designs that contribute to our shirts’ bendability. All of this put together ensures you find shirts that match your personal style and appease your everyday needs while also being durable.

Our shirts come in different kinds of fabrics like pure cotton, viscose, rayon-crepe blend, silk, viscose-georgette blend and more. Each shirt has been woven using these fabrics made from naturally-sourced materials, and stitched with quality craftsmanship to give you a taste of premium clothing.

Zest Mélange is your go-to fashion hub for the perfect shirts for women that strike just the right balance between serious formals and fun almost-casuals/semi-formals. With quality that doesn’t compromise and premium craftsmanship that makes each shirt a unique must- have in your wardrobe, you’ll find yourself coming back for more.

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