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Ecstatic Rush Twisted Collar Playsuit
₹. 4,999.00 ₹. 4,249.15
Ecstatic Rush Twisted Collar Playsuit - Coral
DESIGN Ecstatic Rush: Wearing natural fabric is like being in tune with nature’smelody and feeling the ecstatic rush in a flow. Celebrate this unique experience in twistedcollar jumpsuit stylized with V shape keyhole, three quarter length sleeves, cross pocketsand turned...
₹. 4,999.00 ₹. 4,249.15
Winsome Spaghetti Dress
₹. 3,150.00 ₹. 2,677.50
Winsome Spaghetti Dress - Yellow
DESIGN Winsome, It is short with a side rounded slit and winsome, this spaghetti strap dress has been designed to make you look stylish and comfortable in the same go. The softness of fabric and featherlike touch keeps your mood...
₹. 3,150.00 ₹. 2,677.50
Cheery Thrill Ruffle Detail Playsuit
₹. 4,999.00 ₹. 4,249.15
Cheery Thrill Ruffle Detail Playsuit - Yellow
DESIGN Cheery Thrill: It is a thrill to be enamored with mesmeric nature and befascinated with the softness of emotions. This cheery thrill ruffle detail playsuit has beendesigned for that thrill of soft feelings rushing through the skin with the...
₹. 4,999.00 ₹. 4,249.15
Boat Neck Shift Dress With Pleated Cuff Detail - Orange
DESIGN Splash colors with ultimate styling has been created in this classic shift dress which is designed with pleated cuff to add flare to your personality. DETAILS Color - Orange Material - Structured Lyocell Composition - 100% Lyocell Wash Care...
₹. 4,000.00 ₹. 3,400.00
Cut & Sew Detailed Fitted Shirt With Mock Pocket Detail - Blue
DESIGN Pride - Achiever's pride can be noticed in their expression- achievements are gained through organized processes, like this formal shirt of fitting design designed with mock pockets in stretchable cotton fabric. Feel the pride. DETAILS Color - Blue Material...
₹. 3,450.00 ₹. 2,932.50
Vividia Blazer Look Jumpsuit
₹. 8,549.00 ₹. 7,266.65
Vividia Blazer Look Jumpsuit - Red
DESIGN Charm the world with fit n’ decisive personality you adorn in this cut shoulder, notch collar blazer look  jumpsuit. The purity of natural fabric, starkness of colour and curtness of design unearths a leader in you. Every thing in...
₹. 8,549.00 ₹. 7,266.65
Dusky Breeze halter Neck Playsuit
₹. 4,999.00 ₹. 4,249.15
Dusky Breeze halter Neck Playsuit - Black
DESIGN Dusky Breeze: How do you describe dusky nature! Is it soft, breezy andfrivolous! Yes, it is! It is full of strange feelings flowing down beneath with a desire formore. Our Dusky Breeze halter neck play suit is designed to...
₹. 4,999.00 ₹. 4,249.15
'V' Neck Strappy Camisole With Fall Detail - Grey
DESIGN Soft Touch - Let go and let it happen is the tune of time when you wish to be hassle free. You can be formal and casual both, in soft and silky touch of this camisole of no burden...
₹. 2,950.00
Intense Intrigue 3/4 Sleeve Top with Fitted Skirt - Red
DESIGN Intense Intrigue - Intrigue is interesting but when mixed with passionate Red, it is intense too. This intense look has been created with Viscose Rayon Crepe fabric Top, designed in classic silhouette, ¾ sleeves and cuffs prepared with fabric...
₹. 8,850.00 ₹. 7,522.50
Vividia Blazer Look Jumpsuit
₹. 8,549.00 ₹. 7,266.65
Vividia Blazer Look Jumpsuit - Yellow
DESIGN Charm the world with fit n’ decisive personality you adorn in this cut shoulder, notch collar blazer look jumpsuit. The purity of natural fabric, starkness of colour and curtness of design unearths a leader in you. Every thing in...
₹. 8,549.00 ₹. 7,266.65
Enchanting Crisscross Short Dress
₹. 5,050.00 ₹. 4,292.50
Enchanting Crisscross Short Dress - Black
DESIGN SuaveNow be a scene stealer, these cross pocket flared pants are curiously designed with extended waistband, single lip welt pocket, cut and sew paneling with topstitch effect to  let you spread your charm. Imagine the combination of nature’s stark...
₹. 5,050.00 ₹. 4,292.50
Vivacious Elasticated Off The Shoulder Top - Red
DESIGN Silent yet loud, let your glamorous presence felt in a-symmetric off shoulder top, designed with two different type of sleeves. The raglan and off the shoulder sleeves are synchronized with elasticated hem and a cavity on one side of...
₹. 3,350.00 ₹. 2,847.50
Nirvanic Cheer Jumpsuit
₹. 5,100.00 ₹. 4,335.00
Nirvanic Cheer Jumpsuit - Grey
DESIGN Nirvanic Cheer: Cool, feathery and out of the world, these are the feelings you experience in this nirvanic cheer jumpsuit which is designed with sleeveless, round neck, center front button opening and handmade fabric buttons. Viscose crepe fabric oozes...
₹. 5,100.00 ₹. 4,335.00
Emblazon Fitted Check Skirt
₹. 4,950.00 ₹. 4,207.50
Emblazon Fitted Check Skirt - White
DESIGN Emblazon Fitted Check Skirt :Proclaim the glory of your charisma and celebrate the charm of your personality in Emblazon Fitted Black & White Graph Check Skirt, designed with waistband, contrast piping and slits at the sides. This business formal skirt radiates...
₹. 4,950.00 ₹. 4,207.50
Gorgeluscious Strappy Top with Narrow Pants - Coral
DESIGN This Gorgeluscious look is a designer way to boost confidence with elasticated empire line top, designed in a flairy silhouette and strappy V neck. This viscose twill fabric design takes away all your concerns about heavy front as the narrow...
₹. 9,150.00 ₹. 7,777.50
Ebullient Lure Dolman Sleeve Crop Top & Rolled Hem Shorts - Black
DESIGN Ebullient Lure: Cut off from rigid pattern and getting lured to lively feelingsin Ebullient Lure co-ord set, designed with V neck, flared dolman sleeve crop top and rolled up hem shorts with cross pockets, back welt pockets and belt...
₹. 4,999.00 ₹. 4,249.15
Immaculate Flair & Fit Sleeveless Shirt
₹. 3,100.00 ₹. 2,635.00
Immaculate Flair & Fit Sleeveless Shirt - Grey
DESIGN Immaculate: Stretch your flawless attitude in a fit & flair style, this cool sleeveless shirt is designed to stylize your immaculate personality with the smooth feel of finest natural cotton. Designed with tiny collar, bias cut placket and waist...
₹. 3,100.00 ₹. 2,635.00
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Robust Vibrance Co-ords
₹. 14,500.00 ₹. 12,325.00
Robust Vibrance Co-ords - White
DESIGN Robust Vibrance - Re-incarnate yourself in fresh vibrance of preppy multicolor patches spread over white background of cross pocket lyocell fabric pants and cut shoulder halter neck crop top smartly designed in lyocell fabric to spread Robust Vibrance of your...
₹. 14,500.00 ₹. 12,325.00
Cheering Ease Boxy Front Button Top & High Waisted Top - Blue
DESIGN Cheering Ease: Experience a self emanating cheering ease after a firm n’fixed routine in our playfully designed co-ord set of boxy, v neck crop top, havinghandmade fabric buttons and high waist, broad waistband, pleated front shorts with crosspockets on sides...
₹. 4,999.00 ₹. 4,249.15
Exhilaration Elasticated Calf Pants
₹. 4,450.00 ₹. 3,782.50
Exhilaration Elasticated Calf Pants - Beige
DESIGN Exhilaration :Feel a new high and show your exhilaration in a commanding way, these viscose twill elasticated calf pants are designed with center front zip, cross pockets to let you be responsibly organized and look charmingly fashionzied. Enjoy the...
₹. 4,450.00 ₹. 3,782.50
Flared Pant With Metallic Zip Pocket Detail - Red
DESIGN Splendid styling in bold zipped pockets and youthful style, the boot cut breaks the monotony of office wear and adds drama. Feel stylized and enjoy. DETAILS Color - Red Material - Structured Lyocell Composition - 100% Lyocell Wash Care...
₹. 4,400.00 ₹. 3,740.00
Formal Shirt With Yoke Detail (Black) - Black
DESIGN Impression - Formal attire and classic design for lasting impressions. Empowering design to pull the deals in your favour. A design with no extras but exact enough for style and comfort. Fit for special business meetings and a prolonged...
₹. 2,750.00
Draped Warp-Around Front Shirt With Cold Shoulder - Peach
DESIGN Reveal - Feel the fall and the touch of holding you right. Its a wrap-around design with bold feminine expression - draped and revealed. DETAILS Color - Peach Material - Viscose Rayon Crepe Composition - 55% VISCOSE 45% Rayon...
₹. 3,000.00 ₹. 2,550.00
Pleated Frill Collar A Line Shirt - Green
DESIGN Slim-Bell - Simple details, smart cuts and amazing fall, created in this body fitting yet bell like design. Elegance induced frilled colors, front buttons and sleeveless look gives formal yet sporty look. DETAILS Color - Green Material - Viscose...
₹. 2,750.00


The way a woman dresses holds a lot of power — what you wear can be a form of unbridled expression; which is why it is important to select the right items of clothing. When you wear clothes that reflect your personality, you give yourself the freedom of expressing who you truly are.

And to reflect who you truly are, it is important to choose brands that make clothes for women and everything they represent. A clothing brand that understands women knows the importance of providing the perfect clothes for all the different ways in which a woman may choose to express herself.

As a conscious fashion label, our intention is to make Zest Mélange the go-to label for women who desire to find every wardrobe essential item in a single place. We strive to create pieces that are timeless yet stylish and trendy – a trait that suits the modern woman’s varied fashion needs. From tops, shirts, pants, and skirts to dresses, jumpsuits, and co-ords, we have them all.

With dresses being one of the top-selling items of western clothing for women, every woman desires to have a few of them in varied colours and styles. At Zest Mélange, we have dresses for your every formal, semi-formal and casual needs that strike the balance between elegance and comfort, crafted to give every item an itch-free stitching, so that you can look your best without much ado.

You may as well find dresses for every occasion in our collection, but a modern woman’s wardrobe is still incomplete without some trendy tops and shirts. Hop between the different moods of a day by choosing casual clothing for a relaxed lunch with friends or switch to serious business looks when you need to get stuff done.

Our collection of tops and shirts go beyond your 9-to-5 needs as they’re fit to blend wherever the day takes you. From sober colours with V-necks, flares and straight, A-line fit to bright pop hues and sleeveless options, our top wear collection for women has the power to meet your aesthetic, seamlessly.

Zest Mélange believes that office fashion doesn’t have to be boring. So, if your top wear is bold and expressive, why should your bottom wear not be on par?

Our collection of pants and skirts make for the perfect clothing choices for women who love to take charge and be out there. You notice the excellence of our craftsmanship in the designs of our skirts and pants that hug your body in the right places without restricting your movement.

Next up are two categories of clothing that can transform your wardrobe into your own personal runway collection. Stand out from the crowd by donning elegance in the form of jumpsuits and co-ords. Both of these styles are yet again a unique yet popular choice when it comes to women's professional clothing.

From cute and casual jumpsuits to stunning two-piece co-ords, we aspire to provide women of all sizes with a premium quality clothing experience. Whether you wish to rock the monochrome or have fun with mix and match, you can find fits that let you express you, just as you are.

We want to be your ultimate choice in fashion; so, it goes without saying, that we use only the best of naturally-sourced materials to craft the pieces in our collection of clothes for women, with different types of fabrics, carefully selected to enhance the feel of each piece.

Our earth-friendly fabrics allow you to feel the softness and purity of the materials used to weave them like cotton, viscose, rayon-crepe blend, silk, lyocell, viscose twill, among others. Designed to provide the wearer with comfort and flexibility, our clothes have been tailored to fit you just right.

In a world of volatile trends and styles that don’t last very long, choose a brand that represents fashion in the best way possible and leaves a lasting impact. Make Zest Mélange your ultimate online shopping destination for women’s clothing and rediscover all the different ways in which you can express yourself on your own terms.

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