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Vivacious Elasticated Off The Shoulder Top - Red
DESIGN Silent yet loud, let your glamorous presence felt in a-symmetric off shoulder top, designed with two different type of sleeves. The raglan and off the shoulder sleeves are synchronized with elasticated hem and a cavity on one side of...
₹. 3,350.00
'V' Neck Strappy Camisole With Fall Detail - Grey
DESIGN Soft Touch - Let go and let it happen is the tune of time when you wish to be hassle free. You can be formal and casual both, in soft and silky touch of this camisole of no burden...
₹. 2,950.00
Bodacious Crop Top
₹. 2,450.00
Bodacious Crop Top - Blue
DESIGN BodaciousIs this the confidence or the glamour quotient which oozes naturally in this halter neck crop top designed in cut shoulders! Enjoy the comfort of wearing this amazing top with hook & eye opening at the back and  zip...
₹. 2,450.00
Immaculate Flair & Fit Sleeveless Shirt - Grey
DESIGN Immaculate: Stretch your flawless attitude in a fit & flair style, this cool sleeveless shirt is designed to stylize your immaculate personality with the smooth feel of finest natural cotton. Designed with tiny collar, bias cut placket and waist...
₹. 3,100.00
A-Line Paneled Top
₹. 3,500.00
A-Line Paneled Top - White
DESIGN Light Mist- Nothing but something, this fabric makes you feel like mist falling to touch you softly. Design silently merges in seam to look like nature's art. Body enjoys the touch of fabric. DETAILS Color - White Material -...
₹. 3,500.00
Grandiloquent Wrap -A- Round Flounce Dress - Black
DESIGN Grandiloquence: Mesmerize your surroundings with your gracious presence, elaborated in Grandiloquently designed V neck wrap-a-round flounce dress. Crafted with tie detail this dress ups its own charm with elbow length straight sleeves. Celebrate nature’s crisp elegance in viscose rayon...
₹. 4,450.00
Cheering Ease Boxy Front Button Top & High Waisted Top - Blue
DESIGN Cheering Ease: Experience a self emanating cheering ease after a firm n’fixed routine in our playfully designed co-ord set of boxy, v neck crop top, havinghandmade fabric buttons and high waist, broad waistband, pleated front shorts with crosspockets on sides...
₹. 4,999.00
Roaring Fun One Shoulder Top & Front Tie Shorts - Green
DESIGN Roaring fun: Letting yourself go is a mesmeric feeling emerged in nature’s vicinity. Embrace this experience in magnificent co-ord set of one shoulder sleeveless top combined with a pair of loose n’ extended waistband shorts designed with pleated front,...
₹. 4,999.00
Thunderous Blow Twist Crop Top & High Waist Shorts - Yellow
CDESIGN Thunderous Blow:  Experience a thunderous escape from routine discipline to afree blow of ease, in this playful co-ord set of V neck front twist detail crop top and highwaist pleated front tie detail shorts. Crafted in crisp structured lyocell...
₹. 4,999.00
Ebullient Lure Dolman Sleeve Crop Top & Rolled Hem Shorts - Black
DESIGN Ebullient Lure: Cut off from rigid pattern and getting lured to lively feelingsin Ebullient Lure co-ord set, designed with V neck, flared dolman sleeve crop top and rolled up hem shorts with cross pockets, back welt pockets and belt...
₹. 4,999.00
Exhilaration Elasticated Calf Pants - Beige
DESIGN Exhilaration :Feel a new high and show your exhilaration in a commanding way, these viscose twill elasticated calf pants are designed with center front zip, cross pockets to let you be responsibly organized and look charmingly fashionzied. Enjoy the...
₹. 4,450.00
Tranquil Vibrancy Skinny Ankle Length Pant - White
DESIGN Tranquil Vibrancy : What empowers us to play our winning strokes confidently? It is tranquil vibrancy emerging from the deep down of our core personality.  Such tranquility soaked in the vibrancy of our attitude can be experienced in tranquil vibrancy ankle...
₹. 4,550.00
Ebullient Fervor Stipe & Solid Mix & Match Shirt - Black-White
DESIGN Ebullient fervor: A designer’s way of capturing high spirit and lively attitude in a shirt, which is shown in a mix & match fabric of striped and solid black combination. This ebullient fervor shirt is designed with tiny classic...
₹. 4,850.00
Bodacious Flat Collar Tunic Style Shirt - Red
DESIGN Bodacious: Designed for extraordinary ease, breezy feeling and ravishing attitude, this bodacious tunic style shirt is soaked in nature’s vibrancy to turn your look extra-ordinarily charming. With the crisp ness of cellulose crepe fabric, this bodacious tunic shirt is...
₹. 4,500.00
Eternal Bliss Pleated Camisole - Blue
DESIGN Eternal Bliss: Soft touch, breezy feel and wondrous embrace, this V neck strappy camisole is designed with knife pleat detail in nature’s finest rayon crepe fabric, to fill your senses with eternal bliss. Feel delicate crispness of rayon crepe...
₹. 3,450.00
Effulgent Poise V Neck Crop Top - Blue
DESIGN Effulgent Poise: Simplicity outshines others with its uncanny brilliance, if you trust this expression, you would simply love this V neck boxy sleeve-less crop top, designed with  a bow at V neck at the back, to let you enjoy...
₹. 3,250.00
Flambeautious One Shoulder Strappy Top - Blue
DESIGN Flambeautious : Curate your flamboyance in Flambeautious one shoulder strappy top, aptly designed to fashionize your look with nature’s essence to let you admire your own ravishing avatar. Crafted with nature’s virtuous purity which flows in viscose crepe fabric, this...
₹. 4,250.00
Drapey Rejoice Sleeveless Top - Green
DESIGN Drapey Rejoice: This sleeveless boatneck top, featuring V shape keyhole detail at the back has evolved from a simple creative desire to rejoice your day with feathery touch & breathable comfort, achieved with viscose georgette fabric. This easy to...
₹. 3,900.00
Arioso Rouched Crop Top - Green
DESIGN Arioso: Designed in natural cellulose fiber, this ruched elasticated crop top has center front rouching, v neck detail and dropped shoulder. Not just stylish, this designer top offers nature’s melodious vibrancy and helps a responsible look with a dash of...
₹. 3,550.00
Querencia Twisted Halter Neck Crop Top - Red
DESIGN Querencia: This Querencia twisted halter neck crop top has evolved from creative excellence and responsible planning. Comes with nature’s virtuous purity to create a responsible look and charming attitude. The princess seam, wrap a round tie detail at waist and...
₹. 3,850.00
Bodacious Crop Top
₹. 2,450.00
Bodacious Crop Top - Black
DESIGN Is this the confidence or the glamour quotient which oozes naturally in this halter neck crop top designed in cut shoulders! Enjoy the comfort of wearing this amazing top with hook & eye opening at the back and  zip...
₹. 2,450.00
Bodacious Crop Top
₹. 2,450.00
Bodacious Crop Top - White
DESIGN BodaciousIs this the confidence or the glamour quotient which oozes naturally in this halter neck crop top designed in cut shoulders! Enjoy the comfort of wearing this amazing top with hook & eye opening at the back and  zip...
₹. 2,450.00
Sagacious Polo Neck Top - White
DESIGN Sagacious, You had it! Yes, you had this sagacious attitude, we have just elaborated this in polo neck sleeveless top to get this exhibited in your beautiful look. The purity of this shade of white has been infused to...
₹. 2,450.00
The Breeze Short & Fitted Crop Top - Red
DESIGN XYZ DETAILS Color - Red Material - Lyocell Composition - 100% Lyocell Washcare - Machine wash at or bellow 40 C, normal cycle   
₹. 2,450.00


Tops are one of the most versatile items of clothing a woman can own. A good top can go with skirts, pants, jackets, jeans and practically everything else that you choose to pair it with. Good tops that are fit for every look are hard to find and even harder to keep. Therefore, women often look for the best ones that can last long while also being in style.

Women often have to find a balance when it comes to managing work and personal life, and when things get hectic, the last thing you need is clothing that looks good but feels uncomfortable.

Zest Mélange understands your need for having the best of both worlds. We believe in making tops for women who love style and comfort that comes with the highest quality of fabric, while also being conscious about their clothing choices.

As tops are a pretty common choice when it comes to office wear, it only makes sense to own those guaranteed to be of premium quality. Made from natural material, our range of formal tops for women strike the right balance between sophisticated and trendy.

Our collection of tops for women have been crafted to perfection, resulting in irritation-free seams stitched to precision. Designed to serve more than just your 9-to-5 needs, they’re suitable for wherever the day leads you.

Be it formal, semi-formal or trending fashionable looks, Zest Mélange is your one-stop shop for the boss-lady in you. From sober colours for official business outfits to bright colours that add the right amount of pop to your look, our tops are as expressive as they are stylish.

Zest Mélange’s collection of tops for women encourages you to express yourself in whichever manner that fits you best. From V necks and sleeveless tops that highlight your figure to flares and straight sleeves that wrap around your body seamlessly, you can find it all on our online shopping website.

The variety of fabrics used to craft our tops are just as diverse as your need of the hour. With options like silk, lyocell, rayon crepe and cotton, you can choose the material that feels the best for you and your skin.

As our fabrics are pure and nature-friendly, they lend maximum level of comfort owing to how breathable they are.

Women today are drawn towards clothing that is both functional and stylish. Our tops have been designed keeping in mind the need to move freely and confidently through long working hours. Our ergonomic designs contribute greatly to each top being the perfect example of optimum flexibility fused to perfection with fashion, which in turn helps with their longevity, preventing easy wear and tear caused due to a hectic lifestyle.

Zest Mélange was born to give you quality, style and comfort from the purest of earth- friendly materials and we hope to give you just that, with an online store that gives you tops that make you look and feel good, all day every day!

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