Winsome Spaghetti Dress - Yellow
DESIGN Winsome, It is short with a side rounded slit and winsome, this spaghetti strap dress has been designed to make you look stylish and comfortable in the same go. The softness of fabric and featherlike touch keeps your mood...
₹. 3,150.00
Boat Neck Shift Dress With Pleated Cuff Detail - Orange
DESIGN Splash colors with ultimate styling has been created in this classic shift dress which is designed with pleated cuff to add flare to your personality. DETAILS Color - Orange Material - Structured Lyocell Composition - 100% Lyocell Wash Care...
₹. 4,000.00
Magna Short Dress Wit Deep V Neck At The Back - Red
DESIGN Extraordinary or ultra stylish, how would you describe your look in this sleeveless, V neck, high side slit dress which is designed with empire cut and an overlapping deeper V neck at the back. You would easily sizzle the...
₹. 4,450.00
Dashing Dew of Gathered Belt Dress - Green
DESIGN Dashing Dew - The freshness of dew and vibrancy of green can be combined to create extraordinary impact of feelings, we have mixed the influence of nature n Viscose Twill fabric and this knee length sleeveless, boat neck dress,...
₹. 4,150.00
Enchanting Crisscross Short Dress - Black
DESIGN SuaveNow be a scene stealer, these cross pocket flared pants are curiously designed with extended waistband, single lip welt pocket, cut and sew paneling with topstitch effect to  let you spread your charm. Imagine the combination of nature’s stark...
₹. 5,050.00
Immaculate One Shoulder Short Dress - White
DESIGN Immaculate, When you dress smart, you look smart. This fitted one shoulder princess seam dress has been designed to smartly highlight your curves and the white tone has been used to radiate the purity you carry along. DETAILS Color...
₹. 4,650.00
Opel Whizz High Slit Dress - White
DESIGN Opel Whizz, If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you look great and to actually achieve such great outlook, you must get a highly fashionized dress.. Try this pleated bodice long white dress with overlapping...
₹. 8,849.00
Rolled Collar Sunny Dress - Yellow
DESIGN Sunny Dress, Sizzle in this rolled collar dress and charm your folks in a sunny silhouette. This structured lyocell dress has been designed to make you feel comfortable and look astounding. DETAILS Color - Yellow Material - Lyocell Composition -...
₹. 7,150.00
Ethereal Charm One Shoulder Dress - Black
DESIGN Ethereal Grace - A mysterious charm oozes out of your look when abstract wave pattern in one shoulder dress with cavity at the waist and high side slit captivates people’s attention. Don this lyocell fabric dress and spread your...
₹. 13,950.00
Haute Impulse of Boat Neck Dress - Black
DESIGN Haute Impulse - Extraordinary fashionized look has been offered with this glamorous boat neck fitted dress designed with elbow length and elasticated frill sleeves in viscose fabric. So be ready to get admired with haute impulse in your bold...
₹. 4,250.00
Swanky Optimism of Dolman Sleeve Dress - coral
DESIGN Swanky Optimism - As the essence of coral strengthens positive spirit & empowerment this very feminine knee length, surplice neck and dolman sleeve design gives timeless elegance around to your personality. Its a designer attempt to infuse swanky optimism...
₹. 4,650.00
Soft Aggression look in Frill Front Dress - Peach
DESIGN Soft Aggression - A mix of orange, yellow and white the aggression of peach colour is never loud but soft & subtle, however the design elements of this Strappy knee length dress, designed with a waist belt in Viscose...
₹. 5,350.00
Genuine Pride of Dress with O Ring Detail - Blue
DESIGN Genuine Pride - Feel proud for your look and feel fashionized in this  bold n’ sleeveless, knee length dress, designed with ring o belt detail in stretchable cotton. Choose this dress to feel active, energized and liberally complimented by...
₹. 3,950.00
Unique temptation of Wrap Around Dress - Blue
DESIGN Unique temptation - Your uniqueness could be tempting for many, this temptation worthy look when design excellence of this wrap around subtle luster viscose dress developed with surplice neck and feminine frill to boost your feminine charm while veiling...
₹. 5,500.00
Hip Viridis One Shoulder Cavity Dress - Green
DESIGN Hip Viridis - This hip dress is complimented with greenish lyocell fabric, explained with a Latin word ‘viridis’ which means, a greenish touch derived from nature. This designer one shoulder dress has been designed with a stylish cavity structure...
₹. 5,350.00
Neutral Essence of Gathered Tube Dress - Peach
DESIGN Neutral Essence - Fulfill your  wish to carry yourself in your own way and spread  the essence of neutrality in fashionized hourglass fit dress, designed in  elasticated, gathered and flared silhouette tube dress and charm the world in a bold...
₹. 4,250.00
Dark Illusion Off the Shoulder Dress - Black
DESIGN Dark Illusion - This illusionary look enhances mystical attitude and which comes naturally in this stylish black off the shoulder dress designed in hourglass silhouette and gathered wrap around skirt detail in Viscose twill fabric. Now seek attention and...
₹. 4,850.00
Savoir Fair Fit & Flair Jump Suit (Red)
Flair Jump Suit - Subtitle
₹. 8,549.00
Savoir Fair Fit & Flair Jump Suit (Red) - Red
Flair Jump Suit - Subtitle
DESIGN Be the charming best, look energized and celebrate your beautiful figure, this V neck, body fit jumpsuit has been designed  with flared bottom and cross pockets. To add extra oomph, the front V neck goes almost backless in the...
₹. 8,549.00
Infatuation Halter Short Dress With Pleated Stand Collar - Red
DESIGN Imagine a pleated stand collar with halter neck look in this stunning dress, you will float with confidence. Designed with body couture enhancing princess seam, this dress fills you with self praise. The short cut dress opens in high...
₹. 4,890.00
Exquisite Draped Back Dress - Red
DESIGN Elegantly bold, this dress has been aesthetically designed to make your body feel cheerful and also give you a stunning look. Above the knee design, this smart dress features gathered neck which turns into a draped back. The cut,...
₹. 5,850.00
Splendacious Reglan Sleeve Princess Seam Dress - Red
DESIGN You have it! This dress just enhances that look which you already had but never felt like showing in a perfect style. This princess seam dress with raglan sleeves and boat neck easily make you look adorably playful and...
₹. 4,650.00
Illustrious Shirt Dress With Striped Collar & Cuffs - Blue
DESIGN IllustriousEmbrace the unfathomable magic of nature infused in front buttoned shirt dress designed in curt long sleeves and striped cuff & color.  The contrast buttons and princess seam that turns into pockets enhance the body contour beautifully.. So get...
₹. 5,650.00
Infatuation Halter Short Dress With Pleated Stand Collar (Blue) - Blue
DESIGN InfatuationImagine a pleated stand collar with halter neck look in this stunning dress, you will float with confidence. Designed with body couture enhancing princess seam, this dress fills you with self praise. The short cut dress opens in high...
₹. 4,890.00
Rouched & Gathered Ripple Dress - Yellow
DESIGN Ripple - Enjoy the ripples of the fashionized attitude in this classy strappy one piece dress, designed with rouched and gathered details. The deep back neck lets you experience the breezy touch and the side zip to add comfort...
₹. 8,150.00


Dresses have been a part of women’s fashion for so long that their origin may as well be traced back to as early as the first Neanderthals.

With the world's oldest woven clothing item, the Tarkhan Dress, dating back to somewhere around 5100 to 5500 years ago, it is understandable why every once in a while some dresses are considered as statement pieces even today.

When a single garment can be such a significant part of our history, it is natural to want to find the best one for you each time you shop. However, its extensive history, and the variety of styles developed over time, can make finding the perfect dress an overwhelming task.

Zest Mélange strives to be the ultimate online store for all your dressing needs. We have styles that suit your needs and compliment the occasion, right from formal dresses made for important work meetings to trendy dresses for a night out with friends.

We understand the expectations women often face when it comes to dressing up to look presentable and graceful at all times. Our collection of dresses for women features a range of styles that feel comfortable while always looking elegant.

Our designers have crafted the dresses in a way that reflect the timelessness in fashion while also being in touch with the trends. Made from natural fabrics, our dresses have been tailored to give you an irritation-free stitch for maximum comfort, without compromising on the glam quotient.

Our collection of dresses for women use naturally-sourced materials because we believe in being the brand you rely on for making a responsible choice when you want to shop for the latest trendy outfits without contributing to the rising epidemic of fast fashion.

Dresses by Zest Mélange are the ideal choice for the modern woman due to 3 key features that make a world of a difference when it comes to dressing up for the day.

The breathability of the fabric ensures you can enjoy your choice of clothing without worrying about the long hours you spend wearing it. The designs are bendable, guaranteeing you have free movement every time, elevating your idea of comfort in fashion. All of this put together makes the clothes last longer without going through the average motions of wear and tear. In a nutshell, our earth-friendly fabrics give you clothes that go beyond the usual shelf life.

We know how difficult it is to find a dress that hugs your body in the right areas, feels comfortable, is nature-conscious, is trendy – basically one that ticks all the boxes. At Zest Mélange, our collections have been created with the intention to deliver on the need for premium quality dresses for women who love fashion and have a unique style.

When you need to be the life of the party or impress a date, you can choose from our collection of spaghetti, ripple, draped or crisscross dresses. On days when you need to ace a presentation at work, you can choose from our range of rolled collar, raglan sleeves, straight and formal dresses – when it comes to looking fashionable and sophisticated, sky's the limit.

With Zest Mélange, office wear can be just as fun as occasional wear, giving you a plethora of dresses to choose from, allowing you to show off your truly fashionized self with a balance of subtle pastels and loud, bold colours that leave a lasting impact.

To encourage and empower the woman that you are, we aim to design dresses that can reflect your splendour. Make Zest Mélange your home for the finest quality of women’s dresses and you’ll find yourself coming back for more.

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