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How To Perfectly Style Chinos With Different Outfits: Styling Guide 2022

How To Perfectly Style Chinos With Different Outfits: Styling Guide 2022

If there is one type of clothing that is sure to be found in every man’s collection, it is a pair of good quality chinos. They are super versatile, comfortable, easy to style and scream elegance. Especially in a country like India where hot and humid weather are always at its peak, cotton chinos are surely a blessing. 

When you look up ‘premium chinos online’, your screen will be flooded with a lot of colours, patterns, prints and fabrics. Styling them in the right manner can turn out to be a colossal task. Well, we got your back. The trendiest fashion experts at Zest Mélange are here to share their expert knowledge with you. In this blog, you will find some tried and tested ways to ace the look of formal chinos pants. 

Versatile, cool and trendy, chino pants pair up extremely well with casual, smart and semi-formal outfits. Slim fit chinos are eternally stylish and look great with pretty much everything. But how to make sure that your premium pants make you stand out from the crowd? Use this guide to find your answers.

1. A classy and formal look with Chinos and a blazer

The most popular and obvious choice for premium chinos for men must be a formal shirt and if you reside in temperate weather conditions, pair this look with a blazer. This winning combination never fails to impress. The appearance created when completed with a pair of sneakers can steal the show at any event. 

2. Say hello to summer holidays with Chinos and half sleeve shirt

Nothing harmonizes with holiday mood better than beige chinos paired with a light-colored untuck shirt. Style the look with some bling around the neck, put on a fedora and be ready to jazz it up in the Miami holiday style wherever you go. 

3. Chinos and shirts for your casual outings

On days when you want to effortlessly look stylish, there is no better option than chinos and a shirt. Checkered, striped or floral patterns create an enticing look with plain chinos. To bring out that debonair in you, pair this look with loafers or moccasins. 

A plain white t-shirt layered with a denim shirt and boots is perfect for casual outings. 

4. Rock the everyday look with chinos and a t-shirt

The beauty of premium chinos for men lies in the fact that they pair up just as great with casual t-shirts as they do with blazers. From attending a formal dinner with colleagues to enjoying a day out with your friends, you can create innumerable looks with just one pair of pants. 

The coolest and easiest way to style chinos is to wear them with a T-shirt in contrasting colours. For example, dark coloured premium chinos for men, like brown, blue or black would look great with a light-coloured. Complete the look with sneakers and curate the perfect summer-appropriate look. 

5. Class it up with chino and polo shirt

Polo shirts are exceptionally elegant and classy, yet the material  of the shirt allows maximum movement. Chinos are similar for bottom wear and hence, coupling these two makes a lethal combination. Take things up a notch, flaunt the biceps you have been building by pairing your chino with a polo shirt. Go for oxford shoes with the look and let the world be ready to witness the suave in you.

So here comes the Pro Tip: 

When you look for premium chinos online, you must make sure that the size you choose fits you perfectly. These pants come in two kinds of fits- slim and regular. Depending on your personal preference you can make the choice, as long as the pants embrace your body perfectly.

Your pants shouldn’t be too tight either. While shopping online, remember to keep your waist and hip size and the length of your legs in mind. Once you have the right measurements, check out the Size Guide to get an idea of your perfect size. 

Typically, chinos should stretch around your waist and fit you just right without the need for a belt. However, if you feel you need a bigger size to get the right length, it is completely acceptable to wear it with a belt.

If you are in search of premium chinos for men that fit you to perfection, make sure you have the right length to look stylish and confident effortlessly.

Dress to the nines with our exclusive collection of premium chinos for men in a wide variety of colours that you will love to flaunt.
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