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Shirts That Every Gentleman’s Closet Must Have

Shirts That Every Gentleman’s Closet Must Have

Have you as a man wondered what would set you apart in a swarm of your species? Don’t fret, for we’ve got the answer for you. You may pin it down to a lot of things such as good behavior or exceptional grooming habits, but predominantly it is the attire and the way you carry yourself in it.

We all require different attire for different occasions to commemorate the event we are attending. But a single piece of garment that remains the same, for you as a man, through most of your outfits is - the shirt. Furthermore, some shirts are a “must-have” for every man in his wardrobe. These must-have shirts are those that can be worn for both casual and professional occasions.

While we are so particular about outfits, we need to take initiatives to act responsibly towards nature. Fashion labels are already contributing to this initiative by making sustainable clothes, the term is also known as ‘conscious fashion’.

Conscious fashion makes minimal use of sustainable resources and therefore produces less wastage while manufacturing clothes. Brands such as Zest Melange believe in creating high-quality products without harming the ecosystem, leaving the wearer of these clothes with a feel-good vibe.

We bring, to the gentleman of today, four such feel-good must-have shirts in his wardrobe.

Stripes And Checks

A little pattern on outfits never hurt anyone. Stripes and checkered patterns make dressing a fun affair which would otherwise have been a dull and monotonous color event. Men, this shirt is a must-have in your wardrobe for it adds a bit of variety in a closet of otherwise plain shirts.

Striped and checkered shirts from Zest Melange are designed to make men, the centre of attention with the fashion sense they exhibit. These shirts are created with French cuffs and cufflinks made from 100% cotton. 

Button-Down Shirt

The Button-Down was first created by John Brooks in 1896 and was an instant classic. Its thicker fabric and button-down collar characterize it. You can don this shirt on various occasions, namely office, weddings, and casual events. Button down shirts made from linen are tailored with precision. When worn, a button-down shirt can make you feel worthy and strong empowering you to leave a mark on the crowd you enter.

Detachable Collar

Detachable collar shirts derive their name from the fact that they can be separated from the shirt, which is usually fastened by studs. The collar is usually made of a different fabric from the shirt, which is almost always white. As it is detachable, the collar is especially starched to form a hard cardboard-like consistency.

Generally, an occasion derives the purpose of clothes to be worn. However, a detachable collar shirt will help you choose the purpose as the same shirt can be worn twice. You can either opt for it as a formal, classic collar or with the collar removed as a casual stand collar look. With a style so unique and the feel so good, this shirt is sure to lift your mood once worn. 

Spread Collared Shirt

When the distance between the collar point widens, we have what is called the ‘Spread collared shirt’. This is one of the default collar options of all business leaders in London. A spread collar is often worn in professional settings to accommodate ties that are sleek and thick. Spread collar shirts are more suitable for a man with a narrow face shape as the collar creates the impression of him having a wider face. These are crispier, more formal shirts that will fill you with confidence when worn.


Most people assume that men have fewer choices in clothes. But that’s hardly the truth. When dived further, men have a variety of options in a few types of clothes they wear. Shirts are a compulsory garment of a man’s wardrobe and the ones listed above rank high on the must-have list. Woven with an understanding to not harm nature, sustainable shirts are slowly paving their way in the men's fashion world.

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